2009-11-17 CJUG Meeting

There was a Chicago Java Users Group Meeting last night.  Rakesh Vidyadharan spoke on Java Content Repository (JSR 170, 283), focusing on Apache Jackrabbit.

There were also a few announcements. There is now a Chicago Groovy Users Group. I went to No Fluff Just Stuff this past weekend, and there is a lot of interest nationally in Groovy. Groovy is another language on the JVM.

World famous blogger Tim O’Brien showed up giving out Maven books.

Next month the presentation will be a presentation on JavaFX by Sten Anderson of CityTech.

We will also have a shorter presentation by Thomas Aikman of TransTech Solution Staffing on interviewing. If you have any interviewing questions, email them to me and I will forward them on to Thomas.

I have an interviewing question that may get the ball rolling: I had a phone interview recently. I did some research beforehand on the company, and the interview seemed to go well for the most part. At the end, the interviewer asked me if I had any questions for him, and I just said that I did not. After the conversation was over, three or four popped into my head. Is there a cheat-sheet of questions I could have ready for the company in case I blank again in another interview?

 Image from Wikimedia, assumed allowed under Fair Use. Illustration of angel from Alexandrian World Chronicle, 5th century Greek chronicle.

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