2010-04-26 Update

We had a Chicago Java Users Group meeting on April 20th. Our speaker was Damodar Chetty, a consultant from Minneapolis. He talked about Tomcat configuration. There was a bit of a problem: We did not have a projector. Every room we have reserved at Loyola has had a projector, so I assumed we would have one this time. There was a very large projector screen, which was ironic. I put in a request for a projector, but it did not go through properly. Damodar did pretty well under the circumstances. If you need a speaker for your JUG, contact him at his site.

I posted to the JUG Leaders list for advice on how to handle this in the future. Someone said one thing to do is get the speaker’s notes ahead of time and be ready to print out copies or copy the file from a thumb drive. Another one of those brilliant and practical ideas that never occurs to you when you really need it.

I am still looking for a job. I talked with a recruiter a couple of weeks ago who gave me some good advice on my resume. I am reworking it, and I think it is a lot better. I am also getting more focused. I started learning Ruby, and I will continue with it, but I may pull back on that a bit. I will re-focus on Java and JVM languages and technologies: Java, Scala, and Android. There was an Android workshop put on by Chicago Android. I learned a lot, and I will get more into Android. Recently I got a free Droid phone. I will go to Verizon and see what it would cost to use a plan for Droid.

 Image from Wikimedia, assumed allowed under Fair Use. Image from the Roman Vergil, a 5th century manuscript of poems by Virgil.