JPasswordGenerator Review

One of the things I have planned for this site is to talk about some Java apps that I use.

One of them is a password generator called JPasswordGenerator.

I was listening to Security Now with Leo LaPorte (who runs several podcasts on the TWiT network) and Steve Gibson (famous for the firewall tester Shields Up). On one episode they talked about another one of GRC’s services called Perfect Passwords. Every time you refresh, it makes a unique set of passwords. I liked it, but I also wanted to use something local that used Java.

So I did some searching, and I found JPasswordGenerator. I liked it, and I use it whenever I need a new password. (I use the Bruce Schneier technique of writing them down and keeping them where I can keep them). One thing I like about it is that I can select which characters that are in the password. You can put the section sign in the password, but my keyboard does not have the section sign, so I disable that. You can also select the length.

The only issue is that I have had to write some scripts on both Linux and Windows to run it. For some reason I could not get it to run with the scripts that came with it. All my script has is “java -jar JPasswordGenerator.jar”.

So if you are looking for a good password generator, try out JPasswordGenerator. If you know of any others, let me know.

Image taken by author. Image is a screenshot of JPasswordGenerator, site here, Sourceforge project here, assumed allowed under Fair Use. The project has not been updated since about 2011, so I think we can say it is abandoned.