Play: Yet Another Framework

Last night I went to the meeting for the Chicago Groovy Users Group. The presentation was a web framework that uses a bit of Groovy, but uses a lot more Java called the Play Framework.

Does the world need another framework? Maybe not. But this one looks interesting. It is a lot like Ruby On Rails, or Grails. You do a lot of stuff from the command line, and you do not need to restart to see your changes. It is REST based, and everything is stateless, so it is easy to scale. It uses “convention over configuration,” like many other frameworks.

I guess there is interest in getting Scala to work with Play. I do not really see the point of that. Scala and Groovy moved a lot of the boilerplate of Java into the languages, while Play seems to move the drudge work into the framework.

And, of course, I asked the speaker to present at CJUG.

Image from Play Framework website, assumed allowed under Fair Use.