I was mentioned in Paper.li

My post about Project Lombok was mentioned on Paper.li. One of my Twitter followers (a lovely young woman from Tunisia who is now in Paris) has a few of these daily newspapers set up. One of them is called Java And Beyond. (My post is waaaay down near the bottom.)  I think what it does is look for hashtags amongst her followers and aggregates them into one page.

I have written about Java before, but I think this is the first time I was included in Java And Beyond. At least, I think this is the first time; I got an email from Twitter that I was mentioned. I think Twitter is now sending email notifications for more types of events that did not trigger notifications before. This may be the first time I was mentioned since they started sending emails. I also got an email yesterday that someone replied to one of my tweets. I had gotten reply tweets before, but this was the first time I got an email about it. I will have to put the Java hashtag in more of my tweets.

I will not put the Java hashtag on the tweet for this post. That would be cheating.

Screenshot from a now non-existent page on Paper.li, assumed allowed under Fair Use.