Code Academy Week 2

I have been through my second week at Code Academy.

We started using Rails and some of the Rails commands. So far it seems pretty nice. It is a lot easier than the Java frameworks I have worked with.

I went to a lecture on  HTML5/CSS by Shay Howe. I may not make to every one, put I plan on going to as many of these as I can. I also went to a lecture on the Lean Startup idea.

I went to the Chicago Ruby hack night. The problem was Scrabble. I got the first step of it done. I should rewrite it with rspec. I was not writing tests first. I also am having trouble remembering how to iterate over collections in Ruby.

On Friday I went to the 8th Light University lecture. It was on cryptography. I also met with my mentor. We went over rspec and cucumber. My brain was overloaded after a couple of hours. I got the concepts, but he threw a lot of details at me. Another Code Academy person was there as well. He owes me an hour with his mentor.

I also spoke with Colin Jones, who is working on a project to improve the repl in Clojure.

Image from Code Academy, assumed allowed under Fair Use.

1 thought on “Code Academy Week 2”

  1. It looks like a great week. Good to know about 8th Light University. I never heard of that. It looks like you have a solid programming background and you could be very useful at pair-programming with less skilled students.
    It would be great to hear what you learned about Rspec and Cucumber.

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