Code Academy HTML5 notes

Part of Code Academy is an HTML5 class that happens on Monday nights. The first class was on a Wednesday. I went to that one, and I plan on going to more in the future. The lecturer is Shay Howe, a designer at Groupon.


2012-01-18_17.58.26 - HTML5 & CSS class
Div and span
Divs are block-level, it does not break the flow, it will assume its full width and height
span is in-line, it could be in the middle of a paragraph or a div
Google uses h1 tags for SEO
Use the "strong" tag for bold, instead of "b". "b" gives no information
also: use "em" for italics
href means hyperlink reference
title attribute used for voice systems and in little window that pops up in mouse over

New HTML5 elements: header, article, section, aside, footer, and nav (I think nav was around)

Article: content that could stand on its own
aside tag: reserved for sidebars

head element is still here, even though we now have a "header" element
header is within body
aside element is positioned in CSS
articles can be in sections, or sections can be in articles

html5 microformats: hidden data
like when you search for "blackhawks" you get the upcoming games, or addresses for franchises -
that is how you use microformats is the wiki

also WAI-ARIA roles - also only for computers
this is an attribute in tags - for every structural tag
article (article), header (banner), aside (complementary), section (region), footer (contentinfo), nav (navigation)

Image from Wikimedia, assumed allowed under Fair Use. Image from the Vatican Virgil, a 5th century manuscript of poems by Virgil.