Coding Without Testing – just for now

Since I got done with Code Academy, I have not done as much coding as I should be doing.

I am still working on getting the Ruby Testing Group off the ground. I am going through The RSpec Book, and I am going through The Well Grounded Rubyist. I am still going through all my stuff (I am amazed at how much I have accumulated).

I am still learning new stuff. I think now that I have perhaps subconsciously inhibited myself from coding because I am not ready to test all parts of a Rails app from the beginning. I still want to be a great coder, and I know that requires writing tests, but I think that I need to start building. Even if that means not writing tests right now.

Image from Sacramentary of Henry II, an early 11th century manuscript housed at Bavarian State Library, webpage information here, image from World Document Library, image assumed allowed under Fair Use.