Ruby And Android

I have been thinking about getting more into Android. I have looked at the tutorials, and it looks like a laborious process to get anything done.

I was speaking with a local mobile developer who develops for just about every type of phone (Android, iPhone, Windows and BlackBerry). The guy owns 40 phones. He said that you should just do things in the standard way laid out by Google.

Sometimes I wonder if that is the best idea.

Android development seems like a step backwards. You can think of Java as C++ without the hard stuff. Android is Java with an emphasis on the hard stuff. There is a lot of XML, and a lot of anonymous inner classes. A lot of the reasons that people have been leaving Java are all over Android.

I am looking at RhoMobile and Ruboto to do Android development with Ruby.

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  1. I’m thinking of getting an android equipped phone or MID soon, and I’ve seen much talk about rooting the device. Unfortunately when I google ‘programming on android’ I’m only directed to ‘programming /for/ android’ What I would like to do is have the capability of actually creating small scripts / programs on the device itself. Would Android have support for Python or Ruby? Could I simply program in Java on it?

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