Making a Little Twitter App

For a long time I have used a WordPress plugin called Twitter Tools to create a weekly post of tweets. It was pretty neat. I was tweeting web sites so I could use my blog to bookmark sites. (See more pages about it here and here.)

I also use it on a few other sites I help run, and recently Twitter Tools “upgraded” from 2.4 to 3.0. And it seems to have stopped working. There are no more weekly digest posts.  I am not the only person who is having problems with it. There is a plugin called Twitter Digest that I might look at.

Right now I am writing something in Ruby that will get tweets and format them in HTML. So I can copy and paste my tweets into my blog. (I don’t think there are APIs for WordPress, but I could be wrong.) I will put it on Github. I guess it’s redundant, but I am doing it as a bit of an exercise.

Image from Gospel of Passau, a 12th century Gospel manuscript housed at Bavarian State Library, webpage information here, image from World Document Library, image assumed allowed under Fair Use.