2013-01-20 Update

So I am looking at a Java job. From what I have been told, there is a lot of REST involved, so I am trying to get through a Jersey tutorial. I was having a lot of issues with Eclipse. I could not get it working with Tomcat. It turns out I had the wrong bundle. There are a lot on the “Download” page. “Eclipse for Right-handed People”, “Eclipse For Redheads”, “Eclipse for Australians”, etc, etc. I just want Eclipse, dammit.

I got it to run with Tomcat, but every time I tried to run the Jersey example, the Eclipse UI would crash. Tomcat would still be running, so I could still call the service. And Eclipse would be running in the background. But I had to keep killing it (at least I think I did) and restarting it. That got old fast, so I am going to try it with Netbeans. I always felt more comfortable with Netbeans. There are not as many plugins, so you have to do more things yourself, but having fewer versions makes it easier in some ways.

Image from the Rheinau Psalter, a 13th century manuscript housed at Central Library of Zurich. Image from e-Codices. This image is assumed to be allowed under Fair Use.