RailsPress is a beast

I am having second thoughts about RailsPress. WordPress is a bigger beast than I thought. Maybe it would seem easy if I were a PHP guy.

There are a lot of functions that call the “apply_filters” function. I spent some time last night looking for the “check_passwords” filter. But I don’t think that filter exists. Before the call to apply that filter, there is a call to the “check_password” method in the PasswordHash class. I did some logging (and calling the class from the command line) and they both seem to return the same value.

I think that whenever the “apply_filters” function is called, it gets called after some value has been found using the WordPress API, and the “apply_filters” method is an opportunity for other developers to provide alternative implementations.

I will go at it for a while longer before deciding whether or not to continue.


Image from a 10th-century manuscript housed at the Bamberg State Library (Wikipedia page here), manuscript description here, citation link here, image assumed allowed under Fair Use.