Update on the Austin Groovy/Grails Community

The first is that there are plans for a Grails bootcamp. It might be an all-day event on a Saturday, it might be a two-hour event at a regular meetup. So far there are not too many details.

There are also plans to make an event planning and management app for Agile Austin. It will be called Project Growler. The announcement is here, and it is on GitHub here.

I suggested that this could be used to make a beginning Grails tutorial, like Michael Hartl’s Rails Tutorial. I think the Groovy community should shamelessly copy things that the Ruby community does. They built up a strong, thriving community. Plus, a lot of developers are looking for alternatives to the MRI since it does not handle concurrency too well. Some people are looking at Elixir, some are looking at JRuby. I think Groovy would be a good fit.

Image from Wikimedia, assumed allowed under Fair Use. Section of a fragment of 2nd century Greek manuscript of an unknown romance.