2014-03-30 Update

I am still getting into Groovy.

I am on a new project at work, so getting used to that takes a lot of time and energy.

I did write something in Groovy to make a few tasks easier. I don’t know if other people will be using it. We shall see.

I spent some time going through Programming Concurrency on the JVM by Venkat Subramaniam again. I have a repo on github. I typed in a lot of the examples, and I refactored some of them. I went through and I added a README.md file to each directory giving a summary of that the apps do, and making some comments. I also added a few more classes. I learned some more by going through it. I might give a presentation on it someday.

I also might be giving a presentation on ActiveJDBC, an ORM framework for Java. I got it working with Gradle. It uses instrumentation for a lot of its magic under the hood. I had honestly never heard of instrumentation before. I think it is when you compile a Java class, and add some more bytecode to your compiled class. Anyway, I will work on something to present to the Austin Groovy and Grails group in a few months.


Image from “Evangelia”, a 7th century manuscript housed at the Bibliothèque nationale de France. Source gallica.bnf.fr / BnF; image assumed allowed under Fair Use.