Update On Groovy Validators

I am working some more on my Groovy validation annotations. Mostly I am beefing up the Groovydoc.

I might move it to its own repo, but for now it is here. Nothing has been pushed to master yet.

I am also trying to get them to work with immutable objects. Groovy has an Immutable annotation (see here, here and here). I have not been able to get my annotation processor to work with immutable objects. Either my Groovy-fu is not powerful enough, or what I am trying to do is impossible. I don’t have the strongest Groovy-fu in the world, but I think it is the latter.

There is a JIRA issue filed about validating immutable objects. It is number 6555. So far there are no comments or progress on it as far as I can tell. There was one line I found interesting: A way of implementing this improvement that I can think of is to allow the developer to create his own constructor, relying on the skills of the developer to keep the object immutable.

Perhaps I will make another annotation to handle this.

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