Issue With Groovy Validator

I am having some issues with the Groovy Validator project. Here is an email I sent to the Groovy user mailing list:

I am making some annotations to do validation on POGOs. The github project is here:

One of my annotations is @StringAnnotation, which has the properties minLength, maxLength and regEx. I also have annotations for ints, longs, floats and doubles.

I got them working with POGOs and POGOs that have the @Immutable annotation.

So far I have the annotations working for POGOs by calling a static method on a class called AnnotationProcessor, and the annotations are handled by @Immutable objects with AstImmutableConstructorTransform.
I decided I would like to process the individual annotations with their own processor, so I started with the @StringAnnotation.
The AST class is here:
There are a lot of println statements since I am trying to figure all of this stuff out.

The issue that I am having is that when I run some tests the StringAnnotationTransform does not seem to work. All the strings wind up null in my tests.
Here is the command I use:
gradle clean; gradle -Dtest.single=BookSequelTest test -info

Yet, when I try these in the Groovy console (which I run with “gradle console”) things work as expected.

Why does everything work in the console but not in tests? Any ideas?

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