Starting Org Mode

I have started trying out Org mode.

Granted, this is not the first time. But this time I am going to go slowly. I keep reading posts from people that Org changed their life, and my life certainly needs changing. My ideal job would involve no Microsoft products at all (do not assume I am an Apple user when I say that). I need to learn more about the useful tools if I want that to happen.

So far there is not much to report. I am making a text file with commands and keybindings as I learn them. I will eventually put it on my site for my own reference. If other people find it useful, that’s great. At every job I have ever had, there are always a lot of people who want to keep everything in their heads. It’s like there is some contest to see who can keep the most mental plates spinning. I really hate playing that game. Hopefully, Org mode can reduce my cognitive burden.

You’re welcome.

Image from Minuscule 585, a 10th century manuscript housed at the Biblioteca Estense; image from Wikimedia, assumed allowed under Public Domain.