2021-05-31 Update

I did not do much with any programming projects this past month.

I got through The Seasoned Schemer. Not all of the code worked for some reason. I barrelled through it pretty quick. I might go through The Reasoned Schemer.

I have been looking at Go. I made a new bookmarks folder for my Go bookmarks. I think I need to be well-versed in a non-JVM language, and the contenders are Go and Elixir. One thing that I do not like about Elixir is that it seems like you have to know some Erlang and know about the Erlang VM. One think that I am not liking about non-Java JVM languages is that it seems like you have to know some Java to be useful. And it looks like Kotlin is going with the Spring/Hibernate route for web applications; those are parts of the Java ecosystem I am trying to get away from. Vert.x looks interesting, and does not seem to use Hibernate or Spring, but it is not commonly used. If I am going to go with something less common, I might as well branch away from the JVM. That said, I will still look into Clojure.

I have been working more on the Org Mode course by Rainer König. I plan on going through that some more. Hopefully this will transform my life.

You’re welcome.

Image from Biblia Latina (Vulgata): Evangelia, made in Fleury around 820. There are several places in France named Fluery; the source is not clear which one this manuscript is from. The manuscript is at Burgerbibliothek of Berne  (Wikipedia page here), image from e-Codices, assumed allowed under Fair Use.