I Will Be Buying a New Laptop Soon

Around tax day the file system on my laptop starting going into read-only mode. I followed the directions I used the last time this happened in 2016.

That trick worked a few times. After the first time I got an external hard drive from Best Buy and saved everything I could onto it. I already had an external hard drive, but I decided to get another one. The easiest way to manage risk is redundancy and spare capacity. After a few times of running fsck the machine stopped booting up.

I will go with another machine from System76. I have been happy with my Meerkat, and I think it is important to support a Linux vendor. I asked on the System76 subreddit about using a laptop for AI work, and the consensus is that AI work should be left to desktops. I will probably get a system that can hold 64 GB of memory.

I thought about getting another system from Discount Electronics, but they do not always have systems that can handle 64 GB of memory.

I did look again at Star Labs Systems, but it would take at least two months to get a decent machine. Maybe they need time to access the Chip Force (perhaps they should call the STAR Labs on Earth Prime). Even a machine from System76 will take two weeks. So far I have had no issues with my Meerkat, but I prefer having two systems.

A few years ago I was at a meetup talking to another member, and we started talking about what systems would be like in the future. I pointed out all the Apple fanbois thought when the iPad came out that nobody would be buying desktops or laptops in five to ten years; obviously that prediction turned out to be wrong [Note 1]. He thought that we might just plug our phones into ports. I think it would be neat if there were stations at companies, hotels, conferences, and else where set up for minis, like the Meerkat, the Librem Mini, systems by SimplyNUC, or the Focus NX [Note 2]. There could be a power outlet, with monitor, mouse, keyboard and other peripherals accessible via cables and a USB port. It would have more capacity than a phone, and it could fit in a bag. I thought a mini could be inserted into a slot, but that might cause heat issues. The user would have to have a decent firewall.

I remember lugging around a massive desktop for a project at school around 2000 or 2001. The fact that these small systems are beyond what was available then is amazing.

I just have to get over being depressed about spending a lot of money before I make the purchase.

You’re welcome.

Note 1: It is amazing how many Apple users will pride themselves for being skeptical of Microsoft and mock MS fanbois for not having thoughts that do not come from MS, but then turn around and will not say whether or not the sun is out unless their iJunk tells them it is. Let’s not forget: Blow Jobs criticized MS for their lack of taste, not their business practices.

Note 2: Is the Focus NX the first Warp 5 mini?

Image from Grec 1208, a 12th-century manuscript housed at Bibliothèque nationale de France; image from Gallica BnF, assumed allowed under public domain.