2009-10-07 Java Update

I am a day late, but here are my updates, and they are all Java related.

I am now the president of CJUG (Chicago Java Users Group). I am compiling a list of other Java user groups, and I will contact them to ask for some advice on running a JUG. I am also in contact with some past CJUG people, but I think more perspectives would be good. I also have a list of questions that I will be asking. I will first contact the JUGs that have web sites. Some of them only seem to have mailing lists (usually a Yahoo Group or a Google Group) and not actual web sites.

I also won an IntelliJ license a few months ago at a CJUG raffle. I got the key just a few weeks ago. I have not spent a whole lot of time with it yet. I just got my desktop in order, and I am still looking for a job. I need to decide what Java projects I will do, and what I will study. I may get more involved with James, I have not decided. There is another Apache project that looks interesting.

I also have not done much with Shelf Unit. I may give that a go with IntelliJ. I am also thinking about doing a few apps with Google App Engine. Someone presented on that a few months ago at CJUG, and it was pretty interesting.

 Image from Wikimedia, assumed allowed under Fair Use. Illustration of Anna the Prophetess from Alexandrian World Chronicle, 5th century Greek chronicle.

Another Update

The CJUG election has not happened yet. Only myself and another person were up for the four positions. But I spoke to a couple of people afterwards, and they agreed that a regular mailing list might help bring some publicity to the group. One said he never checked the Yahoo Group.

Also, I am still working on Shelf Unit. I am testing out the Struts and JSF versions. I am also looking into JUnit and adding some tests. It looks like unit testing database operations is a big pain. I asked a few people at CJUG last night about this, and they mentioned Hypersonic, DBUnit and JMock. So it looks like I have to learn five things just to do one thing.

Image from Wikipedia, assumed allowed under Fair Use. Illustration from Codex Washingtonianus, a 5th century Greek manuscript.