Dired Reference

Dired Reference Card

(based on Dired in GNU Emacs 28)
Commands marked with (DX) require dired-x. In some cases I have added a third column with the equivalent function that you can call with M-x.

Entering and Exiting Dired

run dired C-x d dired
dired the directory of the file you are editing C-x C-j (DX)
quit dired q


Motion Commands

move up to previous line p
move down to next line n
move up to previous directory line <
move down to next directory line >
move to next marked file M-}
move to previous marked file M-{
move up to previous subdirectory M-C-p
move down to next subdirectory M-C-n
move to parent directory ^
move to first child subdirectory M-C-d


Mouse Commands

visit file or directory Mouse_Button_2


Immediate Actions on Files

visit current file f
view current file v
visit current file in other window o
create a new subdirectory + dired-create-directory
compare file at point with the one at mark =


Marking and Unmarking Files

mark a file or subdirectory for later commands m
unmark a file or all files of a subdirectory u
unmark all marked files in a buffer M-delete
mark files with a given extension * .
mark all directories * /
mark all symlinks * @
mark all executables * *
invert marking t
mark all files in the current subdir * s
mark file names matching a regular expression * %
change the marks to a different character * c
mark files for which Elisp expression returns t * ( (DX)


Modifying the Dired Buffer

insert a subdirectory into this buffer i
remove marked files from the listing k
remove a subdir listing C-u k
re-read all directories (retains all marks) g
toggle sorting of current subdir by name/date s
edit ls switches C-u s
recover marks, hidden lines, and such (undo) C-_
hide all subdirectories M-$
hide or unhide subdirectory $


Commands on Files Marked or Specified by the Prefix

copy file(s) C
rename a file or move files to another directory R
change ownership of file(s) O
change the group of the file(s) G
change mode of file(s) M
print file(s) P
convert filename(s) to lower case % l
convert filename(s) to upper case % u
delete marked (as opposed to flagged) file(s) D
compress or uncompress file(s) Z
run info on file I (DX)
make symbolic link(s) S
make relative symbolic link(s) Y
make hard link(s) H
search files for a regular expression A
regexp query replace on marked files Q
byte-compile file(s) B
load file(s) L
shell command on file(s) !
asynchronous shell command on file(s) &


Flagging Files for Deletion Unmark commands remove delete flags

flag file for deletion d
flag all backup files (file names ending in ˜) ~
flag all auto-save files #
flag various intermediate files % &
flag numeric backups (ending in .˜1˜, .˜2˜, etc.) .
execute the deletions requested (flagged files) x
flag files matching a regular expression % d


Regular Expression Commands

mark filenames matching a regular expression % m
copy marked files by regexp % C
rename marked files by regexp % R
hardlink % H
symlink % S
symlink, with relative paths % Y
mark for deletion % d


Dired and Find

dired file(s) whose name matches a pattern M-x find-name-dired
dired file(s) that contain pattern M-x find-grep-dired
dired file(s) based on find output M-x find-dired


Getting Help

dired help h
dired summary (short help) and error log ?


Copyright c 2022 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
For GNU Emacs version 28.
Originally written May 2000 by Evgeny Roubinchtein, using refcard layout designed by Stephen Gildea.
Released under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 3 or later.
Adapted from the Dired reference card, believed to be accurate as of 2023-07-25_23:49:38.
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